Fostering An Environment Where A Child’s Natural Desire To Learn Blooms The strength of the education system at
P. J. International School is the presence of creative and innovative atmosphere nurtured by self-exploration to
enquire, to experiment and to find the truth in the best spirit of comradeship and indomitable will. Fuelled by a well-
qualified and competent staff, pupils will find here a wide range of activities and interests and a spirit of excitement,
the school experience at P. J. International School amalgamates a holistic blend of cultural, literary and
extracurricular activities combined with a vast array of games and sports activities to provoke and ignite the
individual spark that is so unique to each one of us.
Student achievement is inspired through the celebration of achievements within the school and community.
Student learning is encouraged through a spirit of enquiry and competition.
Student growth is promoted through inculcating team-spirit, career guidance and counseling.
Student progress is facilitated through a mature and mutually benefitting school parent relationship.
Medium of Instruction

  1. The school follows the CBSE curriculum.
  2. The medium of teaching is English as it is the language of computers, conversation, business and most
    importantly, the language the world speaks,
  3. At appropriate stage courses in general science social studies, mathematics and Sanskrit are included.
  4. However equal emphasis is given to all languages such as Hindi, English, Sanskrit etc, through the target
    language increases the amount of exposure in the farness as one at the main subject in all classes.
    Science Labs
    Well equipped and growing/Modern and up-to-date learning facilities. Has enough for all lab-based subjects viz.
    Physics, Chemistry, Biology according to the prescription of the Board. Has a major collection of science and other
    Computer Labs
    With latest computer in a Local Area Network makes it an ideal place for the students to nurture their Information
    Technology skills with full time faculties to assist the students and curriculum designed aptly for the students.
    The Spacious School library has extensive collection of text and reference books. The library is also equipped with a
    wide variety of magazines, periodicals and newspapers with reading room facilities. The School Library is a nerve
    center for learning, and Library is open to all students of the School during School hours. All classes are provided
    with one library period per week. Students can borrow books for one week from the Library.

School provides own transport facilities. All matters related to the conveyance should be referred to the school
The classes are from I to VIII.
Smart Class
To understand anything, visual effect is very important. So, we have introduced chapter wise smart classes for all
Educational Excursion
‘Motivation creates interest’ – That is the reason every year we take the students to Educational excursion on merit
Sometimes students are also taken to nearby places like museums, movies and magic shows to develop their
thinking outlook.
Annual Picnic
Every year in the month of December students are taken for picnic to interesting picnic spots where they learn the
lesson of sharing and friendship.
Annual Function
Every year in the month of April the school celebrates its foundation day through prize giving ceremony and cultural
concert in Auditoriums. The annual fest usually continues for two days.
Other Facilities of School
1) Big play ground
2) Children Park
3) Airy and spacious class rooms
4) Free karate and Yoga classes
5) Lower class-students are taught in play way method
6) Work shop for work-education (Practical training)
7) Quiz and Debate classes are conducted
8) Cricket, Football and other outdoor games are coached
9) Dancing and Singing Classes.